The Pars Komponenty company was established in 1998 with the purpose of developing, producing and selling of components for vehicles of mass passenger transport. The quality of delivered goods and meeting the requirements of customers has been the basis of all of the company’s activities since the very beginning.

The senior management of the company has adopted these policies to ensure long-term prosperity: 

  • To aim for a company brand that will be associated with the quality, safety and reliability of components in the minds of customers, as well as with a professional, expert and serious approach to customers;
  • To meet the demanding requirements for comfort and safety of end users and to satisfy their needs for aesthetics;
  • To strengthen the tradition and good name of the company by increasing quality, providing services, technical support and education of clients in the field of the assembly, maintenance and operation of components;
  • To maintain and strengthen its market position in Europe;
  • To ensure the prosperity of the company by reacting to market needs in a flexible manner, by resupplying the product range, by delivering in time, while simultaneously lowering costs caused by low quality;
  • To create a work team based on trust and co-operation to meet company goals;
  • To support the education of employees, to increase their qualifications and responsibility not only for quality, but also for the environment;
  • To create a favourable and safe work environment motivating employees to decrease the production of low-quality production and to improve the existing quality systems and environmental protection measures;
  • To motivate and evaluate the personal approach of each employee to quality and meeting deadlines;
  • To analyse the environmental aspects of production and to make an effort to protect the environment in all company activities;
  • To decrease the use of sources and energy by using economically efficient technologies and recycled materials, by regulating heating systems and insulation systems.

The senior management of the company binds itself to:

  • create conditions, plan and provide the sources needed to meet the requirements of these policies;
  • familiarise each employee with significant information about company development and its economic results;
  • continuously scrutinise the Quality Management System and the Eco-Management System, keeping in mind the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9000 and ČSN EN ISO 14000 standards;
  • take part in improving the certified Quality Management System according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085 in compliance with the requirements of clients in the field of welding railway cars;
  • communicate with all employees and involved parties with the goal of co-operating so as to meet the strategic goals of the company;
  • continuously improve the system of eco-management within the given range and to prevent pollution.