In 1900, the Vagónka company was founded in Studénka with the aim of producing railway cars. During the history of its existence, the company name changed several times (Moravskoslezská Vagónka, ČKD Vagónka, …).

After 1990, the company experienced a period of great changes, the results of which was its streamlining. This meant delimitating some of the manufacturing done outside the company, which greatly contributed to the establishment of the Pars Komponenty s.r.o. company, which decided to purchase the know-how of manufacturing railway car components.

In 1999, the manufacture of these components was commenced; at the time of its establishment, the company employed 30 employees.

Today, Pars Komponenty company employs ca. 120 employees, and it develops and produces components for means of mass passenger transport, especially for trains, metros, trams, trolley buses, and buses…

The main production programme of the company is constituted of the production of internal and external doors, air-operated and electrical door systems, windows, luggage racks, lifting platforms for handicapped passengers, and interior partitions for means of mass passenger transport.

A Vision or a Goal

We will supply – we will send – we will deliver