Welding – steel, aluminum, stainless steel, including:

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  • Documentation preparation
  • Welding consultancy activities (specialised EWE, EWT and EWS personnel)
  • Weld inspections (specialised NDT personnel)
  • Design and manufacture of welding fixtures

We also carry out straightening, machining and finishing of weldments and welds for further finishing stages, including the arranging of these finishes according to customer requirements.

Welding methods

  • Steel and stainless steel – MAG (135) and TIG (141)
  • Aluminum – MIG (131) and TIG (141)

Welding machines and equipment

  • FRONIUS welding machines
  • DEMELER and JC METAL welding and clamping tables
  • Autogenous kits

Welders’ certificates

  • EN ISO 9606-2
  • EN 278-1 (EN ISO 9606-1)

Welding certificates

  • ČSN EN 3834-2 – Quality requirements for fusion welding
  • DIN EN 15085 – CL1 – Welding of railway vehicles and their parts
  • ČD V 95/5 – Welding of railway vehicles, their units and components
  • Possibility of further certification according to customer requirements