We offer warranty and post-warranty service of components for passenger cars and train sets. We supply windows, doors and door systems including door leaves, lifting platforms and ramps for disabled people, shelves or intermediate walls from 1 piece.

As a traditional component manufacturer, we can provide superior professional service conditions, resulting from routine knowledge of parts implementation, knowledge of car repair operations, knowledge of design drawings, component manufacturing in our own facilities, and the historical context of car production.

Recommended types of cars that are permanently kept in our records, design and production programs:
Bfhpvee-961 | Bbdgmsee – B41 | Bdmpee-Bmee | EJ – 471-971 | Regiopanter – JPJ | MV – 854 | MV- 954| 814-914 Regionova | MV series – 809, 810, 811 (152) | Loko 71 EM (363) | WLABmee 823 |

We are able to provide repairs, production of new customized components for any other types of cars and rolling stock. We also offer the execution and professional assistance in the periodic inspection of vehicles, according to the specification (according to the number of kilometers driven, P0 – operational treatment, PM – minor inspection, PVY – tie-down repair).

Order only from a certified supplier, with a guarantee of professionally performed service and production.
We guarantee the supply of original spare parts according to the relevant certifications and standards.

Detailed description available here: Servis-Profil služeb, (1,8MB, pdf)

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