Liquid coating system

Painting with solvent 2K-coating system on the GALATEK line – colour shade according to the customer requirements

Lakovani Pars Komponenty1 Lakovani Pars Komponenty2 Lakovani Pars Komponenty8

Machinery and equipment

  • Paint booth for components with dimensions max. 2.600 x 900 x 1.300 mm
  • Drying booth
  • Shop floor for hardening and grinding
  • Ceiling manual crab for manipulation between two places – capacity 75 kgs per
  • hinge

Other services

  • Hand degreasing on the table of dimensions 2.500 x 1.000 mm
  • Gloss and thickness inspection

Powder coating system

Surface pre-treatment, painting using GEMA technology, colour shade upon customer requirements

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Chemical pretreatment

  • Chromium-free passivation for ALU parts
  • Alkaline degreasing for steel and zinc-coated parts

Machinery and equipment

Paint booth using manual electrostatic equipment GEMA

Chamber furnace with automatic regulation

Dimension of parts: max. 2.200 x 500 x 1.300 mm, max. weight 70 kgs

Other services

  • Gloss and thickness inspection
  • Periodical paint sample inspection to verify the process quality
  • Computer monitoring of the curing process with tracking records