Last week was held a trade-diplomatic mission in the Czech Republic with the participation of representative of the Ministry of Railways, Mr. S. K. Mishra and the General Manager of Integral Coach Factory, Mr. S. Mani, who visited Czech companies engaged in the production of equipment or components for public transport. The mission was organized by the embassies of both countries, asociation ACRI and the participating companies. The mission was spread to three days, and its contents represented the company in terms of technical equipment and production activities. Pars Komponenty had a unique opportunity to participate in this event.

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Pars Komponenty presented the company, its main representatives, the production program and the product portfolio. The main areas of interest from the Indian side included door systems and sandwich concept of door leaf and intermediate door manufacturing.

The discussions gradually shifted from the halls to the meeting room, discussing the possibilities of opportunities in the Indian rail market and the delivery of door systems that Pars Komponenty will deliver to the TRAIN 18 project, which is said to be the pride of Indian Railways and will be introduced in May 2018.

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Throughout the visit in Pars Komponenty, were also present representatives of ACRI, Bonatrans Group, BORCAD CZ and Škoda Electric, who were also visited by the Indian delegation during the mission.

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Many thanks to Mr. S. K. Mishra and Mr. S. Mani for the pleasant visit, we greatly appreciate it.

We also thank the general manager of asociation ACRI, Ms. Vopálenská, for providing a visit.

We look forward to new opportunities in the Indian Market

Pars Komponenty.