Pars Components at TRAKO!

Have something to look forward to!

The 12th edition of the international TRAKO rail trade fair will begin on September 26. The largest and most prestigious railway industry in Poland is also planning a family business from Studénka Pars Komponenty.

“Rail and tram transport records a huge boom of modernization and development. We have also been investing in Pars Komponenty since 2008 in innovation and new technologies. We have a unique team of designers and developers, and our work brings more and more results. Some of them will be presented at the TRAKO trade fair, “said Mr. Ladislav Mazanec, CEO of Pars Komponenty, the latest company period.

The innovative program has brought many positive results and products, in Gdansk, Poland, to introduce a modern, fully electric door system from the Revolut concept, which can be used for trains up to 200 km / h. The product meets the required safety requirements and is produced to the highest quality by technological processes with the highest standards in the field of welding CL1, bonding A1 and bending. Pars Komponenty has all the required technologies right in its plant in Studénka, North Moravia. The product complies with UIC 560, UIC 566, EN 14 752, EN 45545-2, etc.

Another surprise for TRAKO will be 2 types of steppers. In the first case, this is a longer Stepper and a Bridging Plate system built for platform elevation. These products significantly increase passenger safety, are unmatched by their weight and ease of assembly.

“We are pleased that the results of our leading team of designers and developers are now ready for practical use. Our collective work leads to the fulfillment of the vision, whether I am a real part of safe ways “, adds director of Pars Komponenty Ladislav Mazanec.

Let us invite you to our design stand 48 in Hall E, where we will introduce you to all of the above mentioned news. I will look forward to seeing you personally, with company management, business managers and our team of developers and designers. We are fully available to answer any questions.

See you in Gdansk!

Ladislav Mazanec,

Managing Director of Pars Komponenty

Czech Republic, Studénka