Rail Business Days 2023 (June 5th to 7th) – The Largest Gathering in the Railway Industry in Ostrava

Ostrava, a beautiful city in the Czech Republic, hosted one of the most significant gatherings in the railway industry, Rail Business Days 2023. This event took place at the Karolina Exhibition Grounds and attracted key players in the railway transportation sector, suppliers, and potential partners. We were among those who attended as guests, with the opportunity to meet with suppliers, new potential partners, and business associates.

Rail Business Days 2023 provided a unique opportunity for all participants to share information, showcase their products and services, and establish valuable business contacts. The Karolina Exhibition Grounds buzzed with energy and passion for railways, which was shared by all attendees. The environment created an ideal backdrop for collaboration and innovation within the industry.

During these days, we had the chance to meet with our current suppliers and strengthen our relationships. We also met with new potential suppliers who presented us with their innovative solutions and technologies that could contribute to our further development. These meetings allowed us to discuss future collaborations and the benefits we could bring to each other.

In addition to meetings with suppliers, we also had the opportunity to explore trains equipped with our products. It was fascinating to see our technologies in action and witness how they contribute to improving railway transportation and safety. Our products were integrated into modern and efficient vehicles, which filled us with great pride and motivation for further innovation.

Rail Business Days 2023 in Ostrava represented a significant milestone for our company. Thanks to this event, we established valuable business contacts, deepened relationships with our current suppliers, and discovered new perspectives.

Team Pars Komponenty s.r.o.

EMU 240 RegioPanter (Škoda Group) – Our product (ramps) is available on this type of train.
EMU 654/954 RegioJet – Our product (doors) is available on this type of train.