If we are to evaluate the most successful exhibition of this year in terms of presentation, contribution to the company’s future business plans and interest, it is certainly the third exhibition in a series, which Pars Komponenty participated this year, namely the international exhibition TRAKO 2019 in Gdansk, Poland.

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At the exhibition, we managed to present an automatic double-leaf sliding plug door system and electric gap-filler platform for trains up to 160km / h, at the STADLER unit, EMU FLIRT 3, which was exhibited as an outdoor exhibition.

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At the stand, we presented a solution for folding doors with LED lighting. The design of the folding door is a simple and practical solution for trams and buses, which gradually returns to the required equipment of cars according to the wishes of manufacturers and operators.


Clearly and concisely. It was really great.


Thanks to business partners

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Thanks to the whole PK team